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Default How Long Till Roundup Works?

On Jul 25, 8:38*pm, "SteveB" wrote:
Von Fourche wrote:
I bought some Roundup weed killer yesterday. *I sprayed a part of the
fence line. *How many days does it take for it to kill the weeds? *I
am hoping Roundup would first kill the weeds, then I would take a
weed-eater to them in a week or two after Roundup does its job.

Also, I bought some Roundup Poison Ivy killer and sprayed some Ivy
that is growing on a tree. *Will that stuff actually kill the Poison
Ivy for the summer?

I find Roundup takes 1 - 2 weeks to completely kill the plants it's
going to kill. The ones it won't kill take much longer. :-)

A second application is required for some weeds. The label tells you

The local gardening expert on the radio tells people that "he can't
recommend it", but Roundup can be mixed stronger than instructed. I
can't recommend it, either.

I don't know why he says he can't recommend it. Right on the label
for the concentrate it has a wide range of concentrations you can mix
it to, from 1% to at least 6%, maybe even 10%, not sure since I don't
have one here in front of me. The recommended concentration depends
on what the target plant is

Which does bring up another factor. At higher concentrations it will
tend to not only kill more hardy plants, but also achieve kill
somewhat faster. At cold temps, I use a higher concentration.

Steve Bell
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