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Default To Repot or Not to Repot

On 16 août, 00:18, Plantaganet Plantaganet.
Jane;810111 Wrote:

I just bought a new phal. *It's in a 4" pot. *The flower spike is
about 18" high with two branches. *It has three beautiful large blooms
and about 12 buds. *It has four large healthy leaves and is growing a
new one.

The pot is clear and I can see that it's absolutely filled with
roots. *They are growing over the top and through the drain holes.
I'd say there's about 60 - 70% roots, the rest is bark.

I'm in a quandary. *Should I leave it alone since it is doing so
wonderfully well or should I repot it so there can be more bark mix
for nutrients? *I absolutely don't want to lose the blooms and buds.

Normally I repot my phals when the finish blooming. *If they don't
need a larger pot then I just change the potting mix. *If all goes
well it could be months before this phal stops blooming.

What should I do???


You should leave it alone until it has finished bloomimg. Water it from
the top when you think it is getting dry and always allow it to drain.
Remove any water remaining between the leaves, I use paper tissues for
the job. Don't forget to give it some orchid fertilizer, my orchid
books recommend adding fertilizer to three out of four waterings. I
never cut the flowering stems back on my Phals until they have turned
straw brown. I made that mistake only once!

Best of luck.

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How many times do you water you phals? I live in the mountains and it
is either drying hot or freezing cold - almost no intermediate