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Default Roots!

The way Hanna looks suggests that we'll get more rain here and have a little
wind. Unless things change drastically, we won't be putting up any hurricane


"K Barrett" wrote in message
Looks like Hurricane Hannah is heading for Florida, too. Hopefully not
your way.

A reproduction of the Nina (of Nina, Pinta, Sta Maria fame) was in Oakland
this weekend. Will put up soem pics if I get the chance.


"Diana Kulaga" wrote in message
. ..
Just about everything is waterlogged! We've had a couple of dry days,
which is good. After all the rain, I need to get out there with a shot of
fungicide. Yesterday I freshened up the snail bait; seems to have worked.

A great deal of repotting is done, and what is not probably will wait. A
few exceptions: reed stem Epis and a couple of Dends that are calling my

We had a terrific flush of Catts over the last couple of months (our
plants are maturing!), but it's a little drab out there right now. More
will come. The Vandas have been *very* good to us this year, and continue
to spike like crazy. Remember that big white Vanda, Zengyo White? The one
none of us could find anywhere? That thing is, for all intents and
purposes, always in bloom. It will have a couple of weeks between one
spike and the next, but that's it.

Trichoglottis brachiata has buds coming up and down the trunk. Can't
wait! And Plectrelminthus caudata has two spikes that will probably
mature in time for our first display next month.

All in all, things are good.


"K Barrett" wrote in message
. ..
Roots are busting out all over! All over the old dead last years'

Doing some repotting since the roots are a-rooting now. Seeing how the
bud sheathes are coming. Found a speculative seeding that I bought
years ago ready to flower. Hope its as nice as the ones online. (Blc
Mem. Bess Thompson). Posted pics of whats open now. (on flickr)

The scale and mealies are abated for this nanosecond of time.

The Masd coccineas wish they were back in the Andes.

What's up with you all?

K Barrett