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Judy Ghirardelli
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Default Calling Jane in Maryland!

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the information. My local rose expert at the local nursery suggested
burying the bud union just under the soil. I think that's what I will go with.
He also suggested keeping the babies in their 2-gallon pots until May, or even
mid-May, before planting them. This doesn't seem like bad advice, so I plan to
do that (plus it's too dratted WET to plant now anyhow!).

13 purchased, 1 to go. I'm mail ordering William Baffin, Hawkeye Belle, and
Belinda's Dream because I can't find them locally. Of course, I'm now thinking
that one spot I had for one of them isn't the best spot (too close to my dwarf
alberta spruce, which I fear the Rose would Kill)... so now I have to find room
for one more... somewhere... hmmm. Or just not order Belinda's Dream, which is
almost Unthinkable! What a dilemma!

FYI, I live in Columbia.

Thanks again for the info,


Jane wrote:

Hi Judy,
I'm close to Frederick around the opposite end of rte.70. I've been here
about 6 years, transplanted from southwestern PA. Where are you? I'm not
exactly good at planting roses in Maryland myself, having probably murdered
the last 4 by planting them with their bud union an inch above the soil. So
from my mistake I'm learning that as Shiva suggests the bud union should be
around the ground level or a little beneath it.
As for nurseries, I have a few favourite near me but I haven't looked
exclusively for specialty roses. In Jefferson, Stadlers is good, in
Buckeystown there is Thanksgiving Farms, and in Frederick there is Dutch
Plant Farm. There are two more I love but have temporarily forgotten their
names so I'll let you know when I remember. I think one called Morning Glory
is also along rte 70 in Urbana. I've never noticed their roses but I go
there fro healthy shrubery and trees.
Good Luck,
and welcome to Maryland,


I'm thinking that
"Judy Ghirardelli" wrote in message
Thanks Shiva.

Jane - while she has your attention, another question (other than - where

you in MD??):

Any suggestions where I can find my last 3 roses? I've gotten 2 at

Gardens (Carefree Beauty and Jeanne Lajoie), 1 at Behnkes (Princess

and I will soon by 8 more at Behnke's (3 Knockouts, Frederic Mistral, Baby
Blanket, Don Juan, Bonica, and Heritage). (I checked - they have them).

I have left is William Baffin, Hawkeye Belle, and Belinda's Dream. I plan

also call a place in B'more and another west of Columbia (the names escape

- maybe Valley View Farm and Sunset Hills or something)? Are there other

nurseries you'd suggest for less than common roses like the above? If

I'll mail order, but I'd rather get potted roses locally if possible.

Thanks for any help you can give!


Shiva wrote:

THAT got your attention, didn't it? G

There is another thread in which our dear friend Judy G. wants to know

to plant roses in Maryland. You are our Maryland girl, so what do you

From everything I have read, and remembering the cold winters I grew up
with there, I told her I think I would bury my bud unions maybe an inch

two underground. What do you do? Since you are there and are

growing gorgeous roses, you are our expert!