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Default Dendrochilum

"bobc" wrote in message
Hello the Group!
Great to see ya's. I'm not sure if I spelled the genus correctly. I
have a D. magnum that just doesn't thrive here. I've had it for
years. It's in bark at the moment. I'm gonna switch it to sphagnum.
I can't seem to figure this plant out! Am I keeping it too wet? Too
dry? Too dim? Too bright? Wrong tag? lol.
I switched a Lockhartia and a Maxillaria to osmunda fiber, and that
was the ticket for them. I can't find osmunda any more. The stores I
got it at before no longer carry it. Is tree fern fiber a similar
product? Just curious, they didn't have that either.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas.
Bob Campoli - Philadelphia, Pa

I just reviewed Charles Baker's advice on OrchidWiz. As always Ddc don't
like being disturbed and need a quick draining medium. And they like to be
pot bound, so use a medium that'll drain well and allow the roots to dry
off. Repot when new roots are starting.

I just broke up a large cobbianum, and luckily they are establishing
themselves well in plastic pots and bark. When I've tried to break up a Ddc
wenzelii I lost practically everything except a few leaves that are now
trying to come back, but it'll take years, if ever.

Fingers crossed for you, good luck.

As for treefern/osmunda I always thought they were the same thing, but what
do I know? They sure look alike to my eye. I'm sure Aaron Hicks will show
up and scientifically prove what a dolt I am. Again. With diagrams.

Try Roberts Supply. Echoing Steve's experience, even I have had good
success with the store, even counting I'm 2/3s of the continent away from
them. FirstRay's may be closer to you, though. I do not kow if they have
either treefern or osmunda but it takes nothing to look. Again, they are
very responsive.

K Barrett