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Default newbie phal questions

thanks for answering...i managed to read some articles and the blooms
dropping off is quite normal. so i won't freak out anymore
jankey thanks for the links, i will look at them.
steve, thanks for the info and reassurances. i'm definitely one of those
"too good" beginners, so too miuch watering is not a problem!

and now to learn about pruning...

thanks again

"fab." ha scritto nel messaggio
i am new to the hobby and got my first phal in early september.
since then all the buds have dropped off and now the remaining flowers are
starting to wilt and fall. but in the meantime it has grown in height and
leaves have grown bigger.
is there a problem with the way i am caring for it?

also, can someone recommend me a good comprehensive website or guide i can
refer to?