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Default DIY micronutrients

I have been experimenting with do it yourself micronutrients.

I obtained some hydrochloric acid from Lowes and use it to make ferric
chloride, zinc chloride, etc.

I obtained some sulfuric acid from a battery company and use it to make
ferric sulfate, zinc sulfate, etc.

And, of course, only a minimum of acid should be used to effectively
dissolve the metal(s.)

After the metal is dissolved in the acid, it is important to neutralize
the solution to near 7.0 ph; this can be done with calcium hydroxide
(cooking lime, or a like base--in a pinch, sodium bicarbonate can be
used, or baking soda.)

I also have some irons which have molybdenum and cobalt/boron. Some of
these have to be cut with a diamond saw; unfortunately, there is no way
to determine the exact percentage of the alloys present with the iron.

A good source to pick up metals for making your own micronutrients are
salvage yards ...

Anyone else avoiding the high cost of micros and using a similar system
or have any data on homemade micros?