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Default Problem with phal. Base of leaf black

Read al's account of his plant for physan dosage... Personally I have
a bottle of the stuff but have never used it.


Jane wrote:
On Dec 11, 12:59�pm, wrote:
if that black area is soft, you've got some sort of crown or bacterial

1) �isolate plant asap

2) pull it out of the pot, clean off all the old medium, treat the
black area with hydrogen peroxide or one of the physans (or even
remove the leaf and cut away as much of the black as you can reach)
and then dust with cinnamon

3) repot and �keep pouring H2O2 or physan on it about once a week.

see also:

under 'fungicides' and 'crown rot'


if however the black area is hard and dry, i'd just rinse it down with
H2O2 when you repot and keep an eye on it.


Thanks. Repotted it this morning. While the black area feels hard,
the leaves that had it came off easily. Not good I'm sure. I will
take your advice about treatment.

Thanks again.