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Default Roundup Zero effectiveness on Kikuyu grass lawn

I lived on a dairy farm as a kid where kikuyu was very welcome in the
paddocks, but not so welcome in the vegetable garden. We didn't have roundup
or zero, we had consistency which is all that is needed.
I would advise one dose of roundup to kill off the present crop and then 10
minutes of your time every second day. You can get rid of any weed that way.
A better idea, if your council will allow it, is to run wire netting around
your problem area and put in a few hens. They'll destroy your kikuya and pay
you with eggs. When all the kikuya is gone, if the kids haven't become over
fond of them, you can then eat the hens. Very cost effective.
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On Wed, 31 Dec 2008 00:56:55 +1100, "YMC"


I have one section of my garden which is covered with Kikuyu grass. I want
to kill all that grass using roundup and zero. How long must I use it
I erradicate it 100% completely?


Till you run out of money......