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Default Bare root strawberries (shelf life, indoor life - to survive inthe frost, ready to plant outside)?

On Feb 23, 7:17*pm, Charlie wrote:
On Mon, 23 Feb 2009 13:52:49 -0800 (PST), gar_newbie


Yesterday, I bought a bag of “barerootstrawberries” from my local
Lowes. *It contains 10bare-rootplants.

I am trying to find out what is the option for me;

Option 1: (a) Keep in shelf indoor for x days. *then(b) Plant in a pot
indoor & keep for y days. *then(c) Transplant to outside bed by last
frost date minus z days.
Option 2: (a) Today, plant in a pot indoor. *then(b) Transplant to
outside bed by last frost date minus z days.
Option 3: (a) Today, keep in a shelf indoor. *then(b) Transplant to
outside bed by last frost date minus z days.
Option 4: (a) Today directly plant outside bed.
Option 5: /OR/ any other better way to handle this

Here, I do not know what could be the x, y, z days as well. *So, if
you can provide me that detail too it would be great.

I just don’t want to kill this plant. *Please help me.


Date: Feb 23, 2009 *Weather: Low: 15 F, High: 31 F
March begins with the average of Low: 25 F, High: 50 F

Zip: 45040, Ohio
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 6
Expected Last Frost date (frost free date) is Apr 15 to May 15

I would store them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag after
thoroughly wetting their roots and plant closer to the last frost
date. *Some say you can store for a couple weeks. *I have stored them
for a month. *I kept the roots moist and left the bags slightly open
to provide circulation and prevent midew/mold problems, re-wetting the
roots as necessary

I've done the same with asparagus crowns.

You could warm your soil next month by covering the area with clear
plastic and plant some ahead of the frost date, mulching well, and
cover your plants with, say, plastic milk cartons if the nightime
temps get too low. *Be sure and remove the covers when the temps rise
in order to not cook yer berry plants.

Others may have other ideas, this is just my experience.


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