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Default Lost a couple of roses over the winter

I'm in a very deep layer of old ocean/river bottom clay. Claybourne
group as I recall my Geo. Our roses sit in improved wood chip/sand/
black soil that is contained in a 3-4' bowl of brown clay. I use a
rototiller to make the hole and make the soil within useful elsewhere
in the yard. Often to cover over exposed roots of trees.

If we have an open hole - not planted yet - it will hold water for
several weeks or more. If the hole is filled, not as much water
gets in - but the soil is damp.

Our roses like it just fine.

I think you might have had something eat the roots or a fungus rot them.

Remember don't use old rose soil for a new rose. Something goes on.


YMC wrote:
"June" wrote in message
I've lost some roses this winter and have no idea what got them, other
than their root system is gone. All that remains under ground is a

What was the condition of the soil? Were the roses roots sitting in damp