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laurie \(Mother Mastiff\)
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Default Which darn catalog?

One of the fancy catalogs I get in late winter or spring has a lavender
miniature trailing ROSE, which they sell with or without a hanging basket
for a pretty fancy price. I thought I had put the catalog aside for future
ordering but can't find it.

I can't even remember which catalog it was in wah! but have decided I
REALLY want trailing lavender roses in my four front-porch hanging baskets.
The fancy rose garden shop in Durham off 15-501 said they didn't have
anything anywhere near like that, so trailing lavender roses must be an
exclusive to the catalog.

Has anyone noticed this in a catalog, who can let me know which catalog, and
item number and 8or ordering? I'll be happy to reciprocate by letting you
come over this July to pick organic blueberries!

Ever since Angel Face came out (long LONG time ago), lavender is my favorite
for roses....

Thanks to any who can help,

-- laurie brooke adams (Mother Mastiff) mastiffs at mindspring dot-com
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