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Default Building wooden containers

On 2009-04-09, Pat Barber wrote:
If you know any restaurant folks, most throw away
many five gallon buckets, which are ideal for plants.

I would recommend building sites, but I suspect that
is a thing of the past for quite a while.

A five gallon bucket with a few drilled drain holes
is excellent, but not very pretty.

Richard Evans wrote:

I guess I should have qualified my question: I'm not doing raised
beds, I'm building standalone containers to set on my deck. Literally
wooden pots of varying sizes.

What about those IBC's (intermediate bulk containers) sold for rainwater
collection? They must be about 4 foot cubes so one cut in half would
allow two large containers for planting that would be of sufficient
depth. They could be surrounded with wood to hide the white plastic.

They were pricey during the drought last year, but I bet the price has
dropped. Seems like they were about 30 bucks before the prices started
to rise. They are roughly a cubic yard which means they are probably 3
foot cubes so you could get two containers or 18 sqft of container that
is 18 inches deep.

Just a thought. Piedmont Biofuels Coop in Moncure sells them.

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