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Default Newbie: Growing chillies indoors

Thanks for the tips. What do people mean, exactly, when they say pinch the
tips for better bushyness ?? I've seen this said a few times but was never
quite sure exactly what was meant...

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Sorry if this has been aksed before - I have searched google for similar
posts but nothing has come up - sorry for missing anything that should


I recently bought a mixed variety pack of chilli seeds from Mr

online. The seeds have germinated in a cheapo propogator and are now

Any answers to these questions, and/or general tips for growing these
beauties will be much appreciated !

I think I grew something similar last year so some simple pointers:

When they have a few more leaves ( 4 pairs ) pinch the tips out so that

plant bushes up. If it gets too tall in a pot it'll just fall over later
especially if some of the chilli varieties are the larger ones for
roasting/stuffing. They like lots of heat and light so the windowsill is
good if it gets good sun. Turn the plants regularly. Feed with tomato feed
once the chillis/peppers have started to form. If they're anything like
mine, they seemed to set fruit without any intervention. Keep them watered
well to get larger fruits. Finally, you can harvest them when green to get
more peppers. If you wait until they go red they aren't hotter but they'll
inhibit the production of more flowers and fruit.