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Default To compost/mulch or not to compost/mulch

On Apr 28, 2:41*pm, Malcolm wrote:
I've lopped some branches off a Sitka spruce and have put everything
small enough through a shredder. I went on the Internet looking for
advice on whether these chippings could be used either as a mulch or
added to my compost heap. The advice was both conflicting and confusing,
so I thought I would ask here for clear, unambiguous answers :-)

The online advice so far can be summarised as:

OK as mulch but let it lie for 6 weeks to allow resins to disperse.
Don't use it as mulch as toxins will kill plants.

OK as compost if mixed with other material but may slow process down.
Don't use it as compost as it will make compost acid.

I also came across:
Don't mulch right up to the house walls as this will attract termites!

What experience here can I draw on, please?


HI Malcolm:

These are guesses:
It is very slow to break down but I think it will be harmless in
Ok as mulch but to leave to sit for 6 weeks sounds like a good idea.

You do not have termites and you probably do not have a wooden house
anyway (if you live in UK).