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Claudio Rossi
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Default Epi. vs. Enc?

Currently both of the species parents are considered prosthechaeas. The
confusing issue here is that when you cross two species in this "new"
genus, you will end up with an Epi when you register it, because that
was the original genus that they were part of. The same rule applies
with hybrids of Osmoglossum, Rossioglossum, Lemboglossum, etc., which
are all lumped back into Odontoglossum when a new hybrid with them is
I hope this helps to clarify,
Claudio Rossi
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"Ray @ First Rays Orchids" wrote:

The cross is registered as an epidendrum, although the cochleata was later
classified as an encyclia, and more recently as prosthechaea. Epi
lancifolium moved to encyclia, and at least for now, it still there (I

Thank you RHS.


Ray Barkalow First Rays Orchids
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"Diana Kulaga" wrote in message
A couple of weeks ago, at a show, I purchased a plant labeled Epi. Green
Hornet (cochleatum x lancifolium). It was on my wish list, and I had it
pegged as an Encyclia. More research when I got it home seems to bear out
the Encyclia classification (maybe it was reclassified from Epidendrum?).

Anyone have any more info? Will post pix to ABPO when the spikes mature

a week or two.