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Default rain

You guys are enjoying spring, still in the 50's in Chicago (by the lake).
This is an odd spring in the midwest. Klehm family didn't even make my
farmers market. Scared off by 50 degrees and rain. Why would that stop
anyone from buying orchids :-).

"Diana Kulaga" wrote in message
All that was brown around here (and lots of things were!) is now green.
Florida is really quite an amazing place.

We have had a couple of dry days, so tomorrow we'll fertilize. It is
supposed to rain again on the weekend. If it does, I'll do a hit of
fungicide on Monday, just to be on the safe side.

The Vandas, which get their water every day in any event, are ecstatic.
They've been blooming like fools for months, and now they are sending out

Ah, orchids. The downfall of many an otherwise intelligent individual.


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yep, 3-speed oscillator on the 'chids 22/7.

it finally stopped raining. many gorgeous hours over the weekend.
more on tues. -sigh-