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Default Run, Rabbit, Run

"KC" wrote in message
On May 31, 7:40 am, (Way Back Jack) wrote:
Someone must have put a package of Viagra in the briar patch. Bunnies are
everywhere this year.
Talking about the Eastern cottontail.
Everytime you look out the window, there are bunnies. It's a plague.

Coyotes kept our Alabama local population down for many years but this
year I'm seeing cottontails all over the place. Guess they're
breeding faster than the coyotes can catch them.

I've often been criticized for allowing my female cat to have kittens now
and then, by people who are concerned that domestic cats are a danger to the
local wildlife. I hear stories about how cats sometimes kill rabbits, and
how terrible this is for the poor little rabbits. I think there are certain
cases where a couple of hungry outdoor cats could actually help, and this
situation would be one of them.