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Default My Raccoon Doesn't Seem To Like Antifreeze

(Way Back Jack) wrote in news:4a51f114.4446250

In this State, you're not allowed to trap and transport racs. Anyway,
one time in the past using a Haveaheart, the damn dumb cat got
trapped. Another time, the rac was able to somehow escape! Two
other times I was successful in trapping them and shot them with a
22, but it was a bitch removing the corpses from the traps.

So I marinated a 12 oz. can of cat food in a bowl of antifreeze. Set
it out near where the rac has been doing his damage. Next morning,
the ground at the site was wet with antifreeze, suggesting that he
dumped it, and quite a bit of the cat food remained in the bowl which
was tossed about 20 yds. away.

Do you know whether ACDelco Dex-Cool antifreeze contains denatonium
which is an embittering agent? The ingredients list doesn't mention
it though, so maybe this is simply a rac who doesn't have a sweet
tooth for antifreeze. I can only hope that the meat portion that he
did eat contained enough antifreeze to prevent his destructive return.


You're a Jack Ass. Problem is you're too f'n stupid to use conventional
means and have resorted to inhumane means. Make yourself a sandwich and
pour some on it. Then you'll know how it's working.