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Originally Posted by Jim Hurley View Post
I like your lily pics.

I did not realize you sold them on ebay as well.

Hi Jim,
Yup I thin spares from over 100 varieties of waterlily now and then on ebay once in a while.

Alas with so many dishonest resellers fobbing off iffy plants from iffy ponds, especially among the americanponders, wgi and iwgs fraternities, I'd sooner thin them out direct to ponders

Not much point sending classy named varieties to resellers who probably have ponds exposed to crown rot, I don't subscribe to the mantra 'the sooner they kill them the sooner they buy another'. I really don't want to be associated with blatant rackateering.

Ah, the turtle traps, caught 10 or so largeish turtles out of the ponds in the last couple of years which made some 3,000 plus punctures in liner ponds... Their big hind claws can do some damage. Three rolls of seaming tape 25"x3" cut into less than 1" squares to make repairs, ah, the end of an era, I figure I have 95% of repairs done, one 40' pond left to start repairs on...

The heavily planted ponds provided good cover for large non basking turtles. Droughts drove them out of local ponds and they ambled in to the lined ponds over a period of a couple of years. Now the population of big parents is depleted and the ponds can settle down

A photo of the traps, well, they are a cage, a simple bait, trap door mechanism... the turtle ambles in for the bait and conveniently closes the door behind it, then waits for room service to turn up. Usually has a turtle in the trap in less than an hour, set out just before twilight.

As soon as I see orphaned lilypads, usually of Albert Greenberg, out comes the trap. Snapping turtles diets are usually 90% plants, when a desperate famished turtle turns up from some heat blasted bleak farm pond they usually decimate a basket by way of a calling card

Hope the url link to a photobucket image works:

Regards, andy