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Default Pond cleaning day

ReelMcKoi wrote:
"Elizabeth" wrote in message
Hi everybody.
Oh my, I'm so behind on reading the posts....
Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pond vac. I couldn't
resist. It was on sale and free shipping. Boy am I happy about it! 3
ho urs later, two years of sludge is gone! he he
Didn't have to move the fish and only had to replace about 4 inches
of water.... less than 20%
Sheesh, remind me why I didn't get that thing 10 years ago?

Elizabeth (slightly sunburned but happy as a clam) in Baton Rouge

Aren't you doing partial water changes every few weeks anyway?

I've never done a partial change. Top ups for evaporation, that's all.
Proper filtration is the answer.
Pete C
London UK