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Default Wager Lines

Wager #3: Pat Brennan will join the new list (long shot?)

Wager #4: We are such creatures of habit that anyone who can access rgo will
keep coming back forever (even money).


"Pat Brennan" wrote in message
OK, I'm sitting back in lurker land watching all you guys pack your bags
and head out the exits. After all these years my plan is working, soon
this piece of the internet will be mine. When I first started my
despicable plan I wanted this space for backup storage but I now have a
DVD writer. So I have come up with a new plan; on line gaming. As soon
as the last of your sorry asses are out of here, a fresh coat of paint and
rec.gardens.orchids gaming room is open. In fact I am not going to wait
any longer, we need a trail run. It is time to post the first lines.

Wager #1 coming in at 3 to 1. Keith will return to this site within 6
months asking why his leaf tips are black and roots stunted.

Wager #2 coming in at even money. Ray will still be monitoring R.G.O. to
answer Keith's question. OK, this is a sucker bet.

Keith if your planned dosage deviates greatly from the recommendations
printed on the package call the manufacture's customer service number. I
think this will save you some heart aches.