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Default Lotus blooms - finally!

"Jim Elbrecht" wrote in message

So where's the pictures?g

I never got to take any. :*(

This was my first year with a pond & I was pleased to get lots of
Water lily blooms and a few Water hyacinths. I think I can squeeze
a lotus in next year.

They can take over a pond. That's why mine is in a kiddy pool by itself.

How much surface area per plant did you give it? Kiddy pool? so it
doesn't need deep water? Do you leave it out for the winter?

It stays out all winter. Soil is banked along the sides of the KP to help

protect it from freezing. A Lotus will take the whole pond and quickly. T
have runners and are hard to contain.

I'm in a warm Zone 5 in upstate NY. Days are shorter than in TN-
but not a lot colder in my little protected spot.

We can get cold here, down to -3 isn't too uncommon, with the
windchill, -10. :-\ Lotus are hardy as long as the roots don't freez
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