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Default Chickens killing my garden

Anne Welsh Jackson wrote:
Rosemary is a possibility. If I took cuttings from my current one and
planted them along the edge of the fence with next door, that may
disuade them from visiting the neighbours so much.

I don't think it would stop them "visiting" - they just wouldn't stop
for a snack on the way out, or again, on the way back in...

But if I used it to block the gap they (well, only one of them,
actually) seem to be getting through, they won't nibble their
way through!

Oh yes, I got dragged into the garden today to look at the
thing Nick had found in the garden ... he discovered the big
chicken hiding between the run and the hedge whilst he was
trimming the hedge, shooed her out of the way and discovered
a stash of 12 eggs! (5 from her, 7 from Little Chicken)
So I guess the 10 day spell when they weren't laying may now
be explained.

The scary thing was, when he shooed her off (I think he picked
her up and plonked her down) on the lawn and ... out popped
another egg!