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Default Chickens killing my garden

David wrote:
Where is this? If it's a semi in a suburban location somewhere in the UK I
thought that it was verboten to keep chickens - the council doesn't allow
it here sadly.

It's actually a terrace in a suburban-ish location. Never even
considered if the council would complain, tbh. But we're not the
only people around the area with chickens, so either they're happy
to turn a blind eye (unless our neighbours decide to complain,
perhaps - but they're more likely to complain direct to us than to
make it official) or it doesn't apply here.

They have just given permission to allow chickens + rabbits on
allotments in the area, too, after a bit of hassle. Afaik, no-one
is doing that yet.

Hmm. I may have to go browse our council website and see if I can
find out.