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In terms of feeding, my 3 get kitchen scraps. They love raw spinach, pomegranate and carrot gratings. They will eat apple if it's finely chopped. They do turn their noses up at quite a lot though!

Their pen area is unroofed and mainly stone chippings with some mud and grass. There is a large space under their coop where they settle if it's raining. And damned if I can't get them to lay their eggs in the egg box! They are always inside the coop in a really hard spot to reach., Must get a fake egg or three and start to teach them where to put them!

They were starting to slow down their egg-laying up until 2 weeks ago when I installed a timed light in their coop. I was getting 2 eggs a day from the 3, now I seem to be getting 3 eggs 6 days a week and two one day a week. They are great wee layers and don't demand much once you have the basics sorted.