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Default Chickens killing my garden

"glasgowdan" wrote in message

In terms of feeding, my 3 get kitchen scraps. They love raw spinach,
pomegranate and carrot gratings. They will eat apple if it's finely
chopped. They do turn their noses up at quite a lot though!

I hope this is addition to their correct diet of layers pellets and not
instead of!

Their pen area is unroofed and mainly stone chippings with some mud and

Mud is not good.

There is a large space under their coop where they settle if it's
raining. And damned if I can't get them to lay their eggs in the egg
box! They are always inside the coop in a really hard spot to reach.,
Must get a fake egg or three and start to teach them where to put

They were starting to slow down their egg-laying up until 2 weeks ago
when I installed a timed light in their coop. I was getting 2 eggs a
day from the 3, now I seem to be getting 3 eggs 6 days a week and two
one day a week. They are great wee layers and don't demand much once
you have the basics sorted.

You don't sound like you have the basics sorted to me, tbh. If I understand
you right, you feed them on kitchen scraps, let them out on mud and they do
not like their nest box. Must try harder.