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Default phalaenopsis

I cannot grow these puppies!!! I can tell you what "not" to do!
Don't leave them sitting in water.
Don't let water sit in the crown of the leaves.
Don't let them get direct sunlight.
Don't let them get cold. They like human temps.
Cheers Wendy

"Steve Price" wrote in message
.. .
Hi i am new to this group and very new to orchids.

I would be very greatfull for some help please.

Firstly I do understand that growing orchids is I beleive very

I bought 4 orchids from my local garden centre all in full bloom, I gave 2
to my girl friend and kept the other 2 myself.

My 2 bloomed for about 3 weeks then the flowers died off and I am now left
with just 2 bare stems!

The other 2 are still in full bloom so where am I going wrong?

I am still getting every day messages from a company in america wanting to
sell me a book on orchids.

Any help will be most welcome


Steve Price