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"Martin H. Eastburn" wrote in message

Not an expert here, but a reader for a while...

It has been said that one is not to plant a rose into a previous rose

Something about plant disease.

It's called 'rose sick soil'. However from my reading on that subject, it
has always seemed to me that it depended on a rose having been in the ground
for something in the order of 10 years or more. I suspect that if the rose
the OP intends to replace has only been there for 6 months, then the soil
should be OK.

A friend of ours has (he says) come up with a solution to dealing with the
rose sick soil problem. If he wants to replace a rose that has been in the
groudn for a long time, he digs a hole and drops in a cardboard carton that
is big enough to hold 12 full size wine bottles and then plants the rose
into the box. He says that by the time the rose roots work their way
through the disintegrating box, it powers away and shows no ill effects.

It sounds reasonable but I certainly haven't yet had a reason to test his