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Default 14.99 Orchids.. Good Deal?

When the ancient war dogs did battle on 17 Apr 2003 14:24:05 GMT,
(Iris Cohen) did speak the following bit of wisdom:

The Krogers Floral Department has potted Orchids for 14.99, it said they
were like 20.00 off, is this a good deal?

It depends entirely on two factors.
1. Are they properly labeled, with either a complete grex (registered cross)
name, a species name, or the parents? Run, do not walk, from anything just
labeled Phalaenopsis, Cattleya orchid, etc.

Why Iris? I'm not trying to be contrary here... I'm just wondering why
you'd say something like that. Everyone who keeps orchids probably has
at least one NOID plant around their place that does beautifully. I
myself have several NOID Phals I rescued from here or there. They grow
like crazy, bloom like clockwork and are really bulletproof house
plants, custom-made for the newbie to orchids.

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Karen C.
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