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Default Mootilda was Arguments

"David Hare-Scott" wrote in message

Mootilda the cow is settling in well. She and the horses have reached a
negotiated settlement. I can now get up to her and touch her without any
problem, I know it is just cupboard love because as soon as it is clear
that I have no food for her she wanders off but it is s good sign that she
is not totally afaid of getting near people. I now have to build some
yards and bails so that she can have a visit from the lady with the

You asked some time ago about keeping Mootilda healthy and at the time
although I answered, I wasn't really focussed. I've thought about it since
and I'd advise 5 in 1 for a few years (unless you know her status, in which
case, if she's had a few years of shots don't bother overly - all her calves
religiously), lice control and if you get liver fluke in your area, once a
year application of flukacide.