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Marvin Hlavac
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Default Help w/Green Hair Algae

"Jamie D" wrote in message
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"Marvin Hlavac" wrote in message
Thanks Dave & Leigh & Barry,

It seems like my problem has been solved. The day I posted my question I
introduced 4 SAE's to the aquarium. This is what happened:

Next day, Tuesday: no change

Wednesday: algae 50% gone

Today, Thursday: algae 90% gone

I did have some Otto's in the tank but even though they look like they eat

all the time I don't really see any result. With SAE's result was very

That makes me think if it makes any sense to keep Otto's. Do Ottocats eat

type of algae SAE's don't?


Yep. Otos won't eat hair or sheet algae, but will eat spot algae (little
green spots or film on glass and decorations) as well as diatoms (brown
algae). SAE's don't eat spot algae or diatoms, so having both is worthwhile.


Hi Jamie,

Diatoms I will most likely not have. They apparently grow where there is not
enough light. But green spot algae I did see in my tank in the past so there I
guess still is place for Otto's in here...

Update on my green hair algae: 100% gone today.