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Default Groundcovers

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What would be the hardiest groundcovers to use next to a sal****er
swimming pool in
Sydney? It is a sunny position. I want a dense groundcover to stop the

i have some purple ajuga (aka bugle flower) which is the hardiest, most
weed-excluding ground cover i have ever seen. it doesn't care if you walk on
it (although you'd eventually wear a path, i suppose).

possible points against: when flowering, it's covered in bees, & some people
seem to attract bees, which could be comical (yet unfortunate) near a
swimming pool.

i'm also unsure how it feels about salt, but considering its general
unstoppability, i'd say that's not too much of a problem (particularly since
it wouldn't get _that_ much salt on it).

ground-covering verbenas are also pretty vigorous & basically impossible to
kill, but don't exclude weeds quite so effectively.