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Default Groundcovers

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On Wed, 16 Jun 2010 13:37:43 +0800, Loosecanon wrote:

Lomandra native mat rush

Is there a beach version of this?
The ones I know are fresh water only and all have spiky tips and can cut
hands if you are not careful. that is the large easy to grow ones. the
lovely small ones do mat well, but are exceedingly slow growing and I'm
sure they are not impact resistant.

Probably no beach version but they grow in sand and clay. They can handle
wet and dry conditions. They are not growing in the pool so should be able
to handle the occassional overflow from bombies. My experience is that they
grow quick and tuft out but maybe that is Perth's climate being ideal. I
have seen these cut down to 15cm and back up to normal height in a year.
They are at a medium height so would detract people walking on them. You can
mulch around them to which will keep the weeds down until they are