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Default Amzon sword turning clear

I have an amazon sword plant in my aquarium (6 gallon, 8 watts, no CO2,
no special substrate). I never had high hopes for it's survival, now it is
turning a transparent color and seemingly melting away. The amano shrimp is
eating at the clear parts. Is my setup simply not enough to maintain a stem
plant like this? I would like to stay away from substrate and CO2 injection.
I've seen liquid fertilizer that can be added to the water, would this help?
I looked at a few packages of it at the store and the instructions seem
pretty ambugious.

From what I've read, the most likely culprit is lack of iron. Should I
dose the water with this? How mutch and any suggestions on brand name? Will
the charcoal in the filter remove the iron? What about the Aquasafe that
claims to remove heavy metals from the water.

If the sword dosen't recover. Any suggestions on another plany with a
similar profile (kinda tall background plant that provides good cover for
the bottom dwellers) that would be good for my setup?

I already have a java fern and some clumps of java moss, so I'd like to
get something different. I read that anubias is tolarant of poor conditions,
but i've also heard that it dies easily on transplant?

Thanks for input