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Default Moles! How to rid oneself of them?

"Jake" wrote ...
"Bob Hobden" wrote:

Our allotment is getting like Grand Central for the local mole population,
plants constantly undermined and walkways giving way without warning.
How do we get rid of them?

Unless your allotment is massive, the chances are you only have one or
maybe two moles - they're solitary creatures. Mole smokes and
vibrators don't work in my experience. Really you need to trap the
little blighter. You can get either "catch" traps - little cages - or
"kill" traps - spring loaded caliper type things - depending on how
animal friendly you are. Then it's a case of digging down into one of
the runs (the mole will run around its territory regularly) and place
the trap. Then you either dispose of the body or release the animal
somewhere else.

Note re vibrators - these are anti-mole vibrators and as far as I
know, Ann Summers doesn't sell them!

And for the avoidance of doubt, burying them alive is not a reliable

My garden was designed by moles but that's another story!

One of the local GCs had an Anti-mole vibrator for sale cheap last year, box
damaged, so I bought it. First strong rain it filled with water and has
never worked since.

Bob Hobden
W.of London. UK