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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Why is Banboo so expencive?

From what I herd is grown very easily, just divide some and move it and it
will begin to grow. I can see pay $5-$10 for some but paying $19-$40 on
ebay is out of price range.
Is there something I don't know about the high price? Please advise.


A lot of people talk about "bamboo" as if it is one plant, and indeed often refer to "it" as a shrub or tree.....

There are actually nearly 1500 species of Bamboo, and they are grasses....

Whilst some are vigorous and reproduce readily at the rhizome others are slow to increase, or produce such a tight clumping arrangement of culms as to be virtually impossible to divide at all.

Also bear in mind that even the most vigorous varieties are still far slower to reproduce commercially than most seed or cutting raised plants, and take up considerably more space in a nursery.