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Tim Wardell
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Default store bought bio filters

whirrr... (the sound of a can of worms being opened)

I know there are numerous advocates of DIY biofilters. The internet is
filled with homepages dedicated to sharing plans on how to build a homemade
biofilter. I've built a few of my own but have never been that happy with
them (seems I always overlook something, or they don't work as well as I
I'm now building a pond for my parents (both retired) and am wanting to
use an "out-of-pond" manufactured filter (store bought). Since this will be
at my parents home, getting in the pond on a regular basis is not an option,
so I am not interested in submersible / in-pond filters. I'd like to get
input from others out there who have used such filters - Oase Bio Clear,
Cyprio Green Machine, and/or others. What I'd like to know is...
- What filter (name/brand, manufacturer)
- Has it done the job? Are you happy with it?
- How hard / easy has it been to maintain?

Please share your comments, suggestions, and war-stories.


Tim Wardell
Dallas, Texas