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Default Ghost Shrimp

I'm reporting back on adding ghost shrimp to my 75-gallon tank with Angels.

The Challenge: to get six ghost shrimp past the angels guarding the top of
the tank and into the shrubbery at the bottom.

The Plan: Blitz the angels with targets: 1) buy TWENTY ghost shrimp instead
of six, 2) overfeed with frozen brine shrimp at the instant the ghosts were
being released, and 3) add three new angels at the same time.

Results: All twenty ghosts escaped (so far). The Buenos Aries tetras are
hunting them through the shrubberies, but it seems to be just for sport and
no actual killings have been perpetrated (that I know of).

The angels are sulking. They know I pulled a fast one but they haven't quite
worked out what it was yet.


"You can't have everything - where would you put it?"

LeighMo wrote in message
Hi, Leigh. My LFS finally got some ghosts in and I was considering

some. I've never had shrimp before. I'm using snails, ottos, plecos,

escaped feeder guppies for algae control now. What do you think? Are
ghosts a worthy addition, or redundant? How many would you put in a 75

You don't *need* ghost shrimp in your tank, but they are interesting

to keep.

Ghost shrimp are good to start with if you've never kept shrimp before,

they are cheap and hardy. They are general scavengers, rather than
algae-eaters. (They eat some algae, but not as much as Amano shrimp.)

should be kept with fish around their own size, since they can catch and

fish that are a lot smaller than they are, and will be eaten by fish that

are a
lot larger.

As for how many...I would recommend five or six. Getting more than that

is a
waste of money, because they breed readily in the tank. You'll soon have
plenty of shrimp, without having to buy them. :-)