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Philip Ash
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Default plecos eating cabomba


I suggest, the plecos have decided the cabomba is tastier or they are
Try feeding them veggies. Cucumber , Peas etc. You will find much info on
the web about potential foods.
That may satisfy them.


"Bob A" wrote in message
I've been working toward getting my 55g heavily planted for a while now.

the moment I have cabomba and a sword, both were doing very well, but a

or so ago the cabomba stems were becoming almost bare. I suspected someone
was eating them, and I have seen at least one of my two plecostomus
hypostomus fish apparantly doing so.

I have been feeding with sinking wafers which they seem to enjoy. Nothing
has changed that I know of. Any ideas why they suddenly are eating the
cabomba? And does this mean they will be eating other plants I buy?