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Default Red Tiger lotus

They suggested that I dont let the leaves reach the
top of the water and to trim them at the base before they reach the top.

Excellent advice. Once the plant "knows" it can reach the surface, it will
keep trying. So it's best to keep the plant from realizing it can reach the
surface buy cutting off any surface leaves before they get there. That way it
will produce mostly underwater leaves.

You don't want surface leaves in an aquarium. They are huge, and quickly shade
out your entire tank.

am curious as to how this plant propagates?

It produces runners, with little plants at the end. Often, the baby plants are
so close to the mother that you can't even tell they are separate plants. But
when you dig the plant up, you realize that the huge plant you have is actually
eight or ten smaller ones, all growing very close together.

And any Suggestions for growing
it? I have a 29g, 3.5 wpg, co2 tank.

Trim it regularly, as your shop told you. A tiger lotus can quickly become too
large for a 29 gallon tank unless carefully trimmed.

These plants are very heavy root-feeders. Give them root tabs, such Flourish
Tabs, and Jobe's spikes.