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Default Green Wall - Living Wall - Vertical Garden

A Living Wall wrote:
I am British and currently live in China - I am doing some research
into this topic.

My findings so far have been a little mixed but the one issue that is
cropping up - Cost

Does any member have any experience of any of the above.
Construction, maintenance, living with or just plain ol' opinion.

What do mean by 'vertical garden'? If you mean growing climbers on a
trellis that is done all the time without great expense. It saves space,
allows use of some spaces that would not otherwise be so useful (eg along a
stucture) and allows higher planting density.

How high are you intending to make this "wall"? What do you want to grow
on/in it? If you want to grow non-climbers, why is that? Where does the
cost come in?