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Bruce Geist
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LOL. Very, very funy. Kush, you gotta good sense of humor-- Bruce Geist
kush wrote in message
What can I say except the entire world is wrong except for me? How dare

all question the vast warehouse of aquatic plantgrowing knowledge which is
kush, or attempt to tarnish my wondrous splendiferousness? Excuse me, I
have to go take my medications.


wrote in message
Dave Millman wrote in message

I'm with Leigh. I don't get root rot on any plants, stem or otherwise.

plants are seldom in the Flourite more than a month anyhow!

I researched UGF for planted tanks way back when I started mine.

had a great slide in one of his presentations: "This (lush) tank

dispells the
myth that plants can't grow with a UGF." Then he explained how he only

had to
break down the tank every 6 months to untangle the roots!

I decided UGF wasn't for me.

You can read my post on the APD of RFUG's using CPVC piping(Smaller
than regular PVC). These never get tangled, clogged and grow plants
This style of UG also works very well with the finest of sands and
cost about 5-10$ for most any size tank.

But you don't need it, flourite+ peat and mulm does the trick much
Tom Barr