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Default Question about CO2 levels in my tank

A LFS in my area was selling them for about $27, but one of them had
the wrong price tag of $15. The owner gave it to me for that price
because I had spoken to him on several occasions and because I buy
most of my equipment from him. Nice guy... would 've paid the $27.


On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 01:25:33 GMT, "STEVE KREUTZER"

Where did you get it for $15?

"NjF" wrote in message
.. .
A DIY system is fine and I was planning on doing so, but I got the
entire Nutrafin system for only $15. I think it looks a lot better
than most DIY systems. I don't use Nutrafin's yeast and stabilizer
packets. I use my own. Regardless, it works well for me, and for the
price, I can't complain.

I little more info though... I let some water sit out for some time
and than ran another pH test. This time my tap water had a pH of
about 8.4.