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Default Student Research into the Gardening Lifestyles Future

mlogan wrote:

I am part of a student group conducting research for a fertiliser,
pesticide and herbicide manufacturer and supplier in the UK. This
research is intended to help the new generation of gardeners
the products available to them whilst improving the garden centre
experience for all.

This research will be going to the suppliers, so we would like to have
peoples honest opinions as your response will be an important part of
our report.

If you could fill in this really short questionnaire it would be
extremely helpful and we may be able to get your opinions heard.

Age (optional):

I am old and decrepit.

How often to visit Garden Centres in a month?

I visit once a month, but buy nothing, I just love the smell in those
Garden Centers.

Do you consider encouraging young gardeners (aged 15-30 ) to be

Yes! Is very important to teach the young ones that commercially made
products like artificial fertilizers, pesticides and most certainly all
types of herbicides are a complete and total waste of money. Companies
like the ones you represent are nothing for than useless Space

What ways to you think young gardeners can be encouraged and educated
into the hobby/lifestyle?

In order to live, you must grow your own food when the worlds currencies

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being excellent, how
would you rate these companies?
Westlands -
Doff Portland -
Scotts -
Vitax -

I give all of them a score of: 1

If they mostly sell fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, they are
Space Merchants!

Finally how would you improve garden centres specifically to make the
horticultural industry improve and progress with the changes in
and thinking to date?

Sell nothing but heirloom plants and seeds. I can get the garden tools
at a hardware store, like shovels, wheel barrels, watering cans...

Any feedback and answers would be extremely helpful, all your answers
will remain anonymous. We hope these questions can make some
improvements to the gardening lifestyle for all.

Get a real job Matt that helps the earth and not harm it.
Marketing analysis is a stupid moronic occupation.

My answers are anonymous? Most kind of you!

If your real name is Matt Logan, you are real stupid for using a real
name here.
Also if your main email address is from hotmail, then spammers well
probably start sending you lots of junk email. The spammers bots
regularly scan the net for email addresses.

These are my most HONEST opinions
Good luck in your research

Enjoy Life... Nad R (Garden in zone 5a Michigan)