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Eric Schreiber
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Default bunch plants act like trash collectors

(SlimFlem) wrote:

Does anyone agree that bunch plants can act as a natural mechanical
filter. I have 3 bunches of a typical bunch plant in my 75G and they
collect a lot of "crap". Whenever the Clown Loaches or Brochis go
tearing through them, lots of crap is released in the water. This
causes my water to have a lot of "crap" in it that does not all get
filtered out quickly. Thoughts?

I agree, though 'filter' makes it sound more useful than it really is.
'Trap' might be a better word. I've taken up periodically lightly
brushing or bumping my plants with a stick to knock lose any debris
that they've trapped. I catch the larger pieces (dead leaves, mostly)
with a net, and leave the rest for the real filters.