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Default Arborvitae/Fence Question??

Hi All,

Here is a question which I hope is simple for someone to answer? When
planting arborvitaes near a wooden stockade fence, how far back from the
fence should you plant the arborvitaes if you want to leave room for
trimming the arborvitaes, maintaining the fence, raking leaves behind
the arborvitaes, etc, etc.

On the property line with our neighbors, we have a 6 foot high stockade
fence running all the way down the property line, In the Spring, we
would like to plant some arborvitaes all the way down the fence line,
for some added privacy.

I know that you don't want to plant the arborvitaes right up against the
fence, because what if you need to paint the fence, fix the fence, trim
the arborvitaes, etc, etc, so what is a good distance to plant them from
the fence?? 1 or 2 feet away?? 3 or 4 feet away??