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Default Arborvitae/Fence Question?? Also.... ( Brooklyn )

We live on a street where the houses were all built in the 1920's, and
every house has a small yard, because the homes are all like 10 feet
from one another. We have neighbors 10 feet to the left of us, and
neighbors 10 feet to the right of us.

Our neighbor on the left side of us, we get along great with. It's the
NOSEY Portuguese immigrant neighbors on the right side of us, that are
the problem.

The reasons why we can't stand the guy is because he stays home 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week, because he is on Social Security Disability
payments for his SUPPOSED "bad back", and so all he does is WATCH YOU

The guy is a chain smoker, and smokes like 2 to 3 packs a day, and
everytime I am outdoors doing something like yard work, gardening,
playing with my kids, washing the car, etc, etc, he always has to come
out and stand there and smoke his cigarrette for 10 minutes and watch
every little thing your doing!!!!

I also see him watching me and my family through his windows when he is
INSIDE his house as well!!!! He stands right in front of the window
watching every little thing we do outdoors!!!!!

Even if its something like bringing in grocerys or or taking the trash
out, he has to come outside and STARE at you and WATCH you, while
smoking his cigarettes!!!!!

I was told from the neighbor across the street from us when I first
moved in 8 years ago that

"he is the EYES of the neighborhood". "He is
ALWAYS watching EVERYBODY, to see what's going on and what they are
doing", she told me.

His wife is just as bad, because she doesn't work either, and stays home
24/7, and she does the same thing as him. She doesn't smoke, but she
stands in her window peeking through the blinds and/or curtains to watch
what me or my kids are doing outside.

The other day when my kids were outside playing in the snow, she peeked
through her curtains about 14 times in a 10 minute period, so that she
could watch us to see what the kids were doing outside.

After 8 years of this, and them not planning on moving away, and us not
planning on moving away, enough is enough.

Like I said, there is a 6 foot high spruce stockade fence on our
property line seperating the 2 houses, but when the nosey jerk neighbor
comes out to smoke his cigarrette out on the back porch, he can clearly
see right over the fence and into our yard, because his back porch floor
is about 3 feet off the ground, and he is albout 6 feet tall, so that
gives him a 9 foot high "lookout" so to speak.

So we want to plant arbovitaes that will grow 9 feet tall or more to
give us some privacy from this creep.

Unless someone can recommend something else FAST-GROWING and tall and
bushy, that can be planted near a 6 foot high spruce stockade fence,
that will provide privacy from these nosey neighbors.

ALSO, no, they can't see us over the 6 foot high stockade fence when
they are standing in their yard or driveway, because the fence is taller
then them. It's when either he is standing out on his back porch smoking
his cigarette, because the floor of the porch is about 3 feet off the
ground, or when him and his wife are inside on the 1st floor peeking
through the blinds/curtains.

The houses on our street are 1920's "old style" Cape houses that have
2nd floors, BUT only have 2nd floor windows on ONE side of the house.
Our Second floor windows, as well as his are on the right side of the 2
houses, so their 2nd floor windows cannot see into our backyard. But
they can see into our backyard from their back porch, back stairs, 2
kitchen windows, and 2 living/dining room windows, because those windows
are on their first floor, and face the right side of our house as well
as our backyard. Their first floor windows are about 9-10 feet in the
air, and so they can see right OVER the fence, and into our yard,
driveway, etc.