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Default Chinese apples

SG1 wrote:
"terryc" wrote in message
David Hare-Scott wrote:
I just like to see reason and facts have some part our discussions.

Shrug, it is there is you want to find it. It simply requres an
ability to read between the lines and put 1 and 1 together. As far
as I'm concerned, either people have( taught themselves) the ability
to read and think critically or they don't.

If AQIS was corrupt or suffering undue political pressure and
making bad decisions I WOULD want to know about it. I do actually
want you blokes to come up with something, if there is anything.

Keep reading and thinking.

David my reasons for the op are that Oz farmers are getting belted by
crap from overseas. I will not buy os produce, maybe that is
jingoistic, but we produce good stuff and they want us to have crap.
There is no reason to import apples into here. Other farmers
(oranges) have been decimated by subsidised juice from South America.
We are supposed to EXPORT food not import it.
Rant over.

I think that is admirable. I too would much rather see us be
self-sufficient in quality food. I agree that our diplomats have so far
failed to negotiate deals that create a level (unsubsidised) playing field.

I have two disputes though. Firstly with those claiming that AQIS is
corrupt without providing evidence. Secondly hinting that tariff protection
will solve all our problems and not cause worse ones. I cannot see how
people can claim they want relief from OS farmers being subsidised and then
turn around and want ours protected by tariff barriers.