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Default Chinese apples

gardenlen wrote:

g'day rod,

isn't it fed' gov' policy that allows fresh food to be imported?

Nope, they attempted to keep imported apples out and the WTO ****ed them over on that.

yet no banana from anywhere else in australia is allowed into qld?

Thats the state govt, not the federal govt.

The state govt does similar things with rice in NSW too.

doesn't make sense does it?

The claim is to keep diseases out.

You actually need a license to grow bananas in Qld.

a closed border none the less.

the farmers have been up in arms about early on but they have
quitened down now, maybe they were given a little sweetener?

Nope, they just realised that no one was listening to them after the WTO decision.

granted under world gov' rules they can no longer have closed borders.

We still can when its important enough like with mad cow and foot and mouth etc.

these apples are just the latest issue there is much
other stuff on our shelves from the asian region,

Yes, but we export a lot to them too.

i feel if we focus totally on china the rest slips under the radar.

Sure, but with NZ its legally treated like an australian state with imports.

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